Telehealth Symposium
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Beyond Telehealth: A Multi-pronged Digital Health Approach To Covid-19

February 9th — 1:30pm EST — Q & A To Follow

  • Rapidly deploy digital health tools to protect patient and physician safety
  • Support Telemedicine across the care continuum using internal telemedicine visits and an external Virtual Care Provider
  • Build partnerships between an external Virtual Care Provider and internal service lines

View From the C-Suite: How to Be an Executive Champion for Virtual Care

February 9th — 3:15pm EST

  • Empower telehealth to play a vital role in your organization’s long-term strategy
  • Promote telehealth’s clinical and operational benefits from a position of leadership
  • Assemble key stakeholders to plan and execute effective program scalability

Develop and Expand an ED Tele-Triage Program That Benefits the Whole Hospital

February 11th — 1:30pm EST — Q & A To Follow

  • Articulate use case for business-line and executive leadership
  • Coordinate with clinical staff to minimize workflow disruption
  • Evaluate impact on ED admission as well as overall treatment process

How to Develop an “All-in” Telehealth Strategy and Ensure Its Success

February 11th — 3:15pm EST

  • Bring together the right stakeholders to develop a telehealth strategy
  • Put together the building blocks that enable teams to execute telehealth programs
  • Assess programs and pave the way for initiatives to take a broader focus in the enterprise

From Pandemic Fix to Permanent Fixture: Improving the Telehealth Experience

February 16th — 1:30pm EST — Q & A To Follow

  • Review survey data from physicians on how telehealth has worked, and how it can improve
  • Discuss how increased telehealth use impacts patient and physician satisfaction
  • Explore the need to provide telehealth and other forms of virtual care across the digital divide

Leverage Community Partnerships to Expand Services and Build Trust

February 16th — 2:30pm EST — Q & A To Follow

  • Emphasize your role as a collaborator and not a competitor
  • Identify the most effective starting point for community-based programs
  • Provide partner sites with the technology and expertise they need to succeed

How Virtual Care Can Address Social Determinants of Health

February 18th — 1:30pm EST — Q & A To Follow

  • Close care gaps and make services available to underserved populations
  • Emphasize services that meet patients’ basic care needs
  • Make telehealth a part of everyday care delivery without burdening clinical staff

How Physicians Can Bring Compassion, Empathy, and Equity to the Telehealth Experience

February 23rd — 1:30pm EST

  • Discuss how and why physicians need to approach care differently in a virtual environment to build meaningful connections with patients

  • Create processes and resources that enable physicians to be both proficient and comfortable using telehealth

  • Identify lessons learned during COVID-19 to highlight telehealth’s potential to support care continuity, especially for communities in need

LIVE PANEL: Venture Capital’s Priorities for Funding the Future of Digital Health

February 25th — 1:30pm EST

Understanding the Path Forward for Telehealth and Care Delivery Strategy

February 25th — 3:15pm EST — Q & A To Follow

  • Reposition your COVID-19 response strategy to provide future support for telehealth growth
  • Align telehealth and virtual care strategy with patient experience and clinical workflow priorities
  • Navigate policy and reimbursement challenges with internal and external stakeholders
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